We are not pursuing only beauty or novelty. What are the functions that are truly needed? The team of specialists centered on the designer hold repeated discussions with the client in the pursuit of designs that will draw out the abilities of people as much as possible.


Offices exist to maximize the achievements of the people who work there. In other words, they are the largest tool of working people, and functionality to improve the activities of people is demanded. On the other hand, like homes, offices are also places where people spend a long time. Functionality everywhere, cozy comfort everywhere. The design we aim for lies beyond that.


When designing places to work, pursuing only efficiency and productivity would result in spaces that are the same everywhere. How to express the company’s individuality? What kind of sensations should it give the people that work there or visit there? We identify issues of true essence from among the various requests and restrictions, and respond with creative proposals.


What is the client requesting? What are the essence issues that have not yet appeared? What design to respond to these issues should we aim for? What value will that design be given? We consider communication to also be an important part of design in order to reach the ideal goal with the involvement of all project members.