What kind of experience will visitors be treated to at the moment the door opens? The history and charm of the area and the building's characteristics are sublimated as a story through the designer's sensibility, creating a special time that can only be sampled on the spot.


Greet with emotions. Produce a rich time. Create pleasant memories. That is what the hospitality we aim for should do. From spatial framework to furniture and lighting, accessories, sounds, and smells. By being selective about all kinds of things, we realize a unique experience.


So that the emotions of the moment a door is opened do not end when the moment ends. What our designs place importance on is a strong concept that forms the backbone and a consistent story. This weaves together a consistent story from various thoughts, like a single stage that leads people to extraordinary experiences.


Some people love Japanese traditions. Some are strongly influenced by modern art. And some pursue beautiful proportions. Ideas are born from the experience and individuality of designers with diverse backgrounds, and the details of designs are assembled with Japanese-like sensitivities such as delicacy and elegance.