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As a design firm specializing in design, planning, and supervision, we protect the interests of our clients from a fair position.

Nikken Group can meet the diverse needs of our clients through our comprehensive broad range of cooperative relationships.

Our aim is to bring the dreams of our clients to reality through our advanced technical and management capabilities and state-of-the-art sensibility.


  • The programming of space design including research, analysis and design direction.
  • Interior design including documentation, supervision.


Research, Analysis & Design Direction Proposals

Each project has its own special conditions and requirements for space design. NSD extensively researches and analyzes every project and proposes a state of the art design and style to suit the client’s needs.


Design Concept

When creating conceptual interior designs, NSD uses various types of visual images to help the client understand the concept behind the design.


Schematic Design

One of the most crucial phases, NSD presents all possible materials such as sketches, drawings, models, CG, color boards and samples in order to share a concrete image of the design with the clients. In addition, NSD also calculates a preliminary cost estimate to ensure a project is financially feasible.


Design Development & Construction Documents

After coordinating with structure/ M&E design teams and confirming local building codes and regulations, NSD will procure and prepare tender documents for the client.


Construction Supervision Services

After assisting the client with the tender documentation, NSD will supervise the construction work until completion to ensure the realization of the design concept. Additional design work or changes are possible during the construction phase to match the client’s needs. After the completion of construction, NSD also offers consulting services regarding inspection for defects, aging, maintenance and renewals.


Calculation on the cost is made in various methods, such as based on fixed rates or on manpower rate.