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IPEC21-2002 FUYU (floating in the air)

This is the second year of the interior design exhibition “IPEC21”. It is organised by the Japanese Federation of Interior Planners Association.The main concept of this art piece was “FUYU (floating in the air)”.The furniture floated in the air by the use of tensioned urethane ropes and represents a “free interior space”.

CERA TRADING Booth design
Design : Shoyo Izu, Sadao Nakayama(Former employee)
An exhibition booth for imported sanitary equipment.The space was designed and made to be unique from ordinary product showcases. The interior design concentrated on how to exhibit the products and recreates a “hip interior space”.
The booth was made from recycled materials to be reused for the showroom interior.

IYOBE Furniture design & Booth design
Design: Ken Katayama,Noritaka Umemura(Former employee)
An exhibition booth for furniture.This chair is designed in co-operation with a furniture company.The exhibition booth was created with simple horizontal graphic panels emphasising the products themselves and representing a clean and sleek space.