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This is the fourth year of the interior design exhibition “IPEC21”. It is organised by the Japanese Federation of Interior Planners Association. “KACOON” is a new design style of a mosquito net. KACOON is made up of tetrahedrons, 2700mm x 2700mm woven hemp cloth, with a ridgeline frame making it a freestanding structure.
Triangular Cushions are placed inside to allow for a comfortable nap or relaxing tea break with friends. Both structures and cushions can be folded and stored in the provided storage bag for convenience and greater portability. KACOON represents the evolution of a mosquito net, pushing it beyond its original function.
KACOON was displayed in a furniture exhibition “Meuble de Paris” January 2005.

IYOBE Furniture design & Booth design
Booth design : Takashi Fujii
Furniture design : Ken Katayama, Takashi Fujii, Takayuki Nogo
This is a design line for office chairs and high stools. It has been developed for allowing more possibilities within the design for plain office chairs.
The chair exhibition booth was created with minimum signage keeping the space monotone, which helped emphasise the exhibit.