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IPEC21-2003 Air Tea House

This is the third year of the interior design exhibition “IPEC21”. It is organised by the Japanese Federation of Interior Planners Association.“Air Tea House” is a 3m by 3m by 3m sensory space.“A shape of air” is the main concept in recreating space. This art space was awarded the space design prize for 3 years.

Designer'S Show Case Booth design : Takayuki Nago
Furniture design : Akira Yoshikawa/Former empoyee(TENDO)
Bungo Takahashi,Hiroshi Mizuhara, Tomoyuki Hino(KUROGANE)
Setsuko Ando, kaoru Tomozawa(UNION)

IYOBE Furniture design & Booth design
Design: Setsuko Ando,Ken Katayama,Noritaka Umemura(Former employee)
This exhibition booth was designed with the concept of “ design and it’s continuation”.
Three designers created and designed new and unique chairs after being inspired by existing design ideas and concepts.