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IPEC21-2006 The New Sitting Style "AYA"

The new sitting style “AYA”
Japan is the country with TATAMI culture,which means sitting on the floor directly. It has long been thought that sitting on the chair was not really acceptable. We suppose that we may not be able to sit upright on TATAMI within approximately 30 years after.
However, we will still walk in barefoot and lie down on a floor on straw mat, eye level lowers to the around a floor.
By that time,we hope to have some new furniture for direct sitting on the floor without present sitting style.
It would be something flexible and portable, unlike chairs.Or it may be colorful with sense of fun.
Here, we would like to show you our idea of new sitting furniture that was inspired of’ knitting’ , a one of old technique.

IYOBE Furniture design & Booth design
Design: Ken Katayama Takayuki Nago
Prize: Space design’ prize