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IPEC21-2007 Bonbori

This lamp was presented at IPEC, an exposition for professional interior designer. Designed to move vertically, LED lights are set inside a sphere coverd with elasticized fabric. The lamp is suitable for Japanese interiors where traditional tatami style and western styles are used.

IYOBE Furniture design & Booth design
Design: Ken Katayama,Takayuki Nago,Kohei Hashiguchi
This presentation of a newly designed chair was made in cooperation with Iyobe Craft Company at IPEC (Interior Professional Exposition Company ) in 2007. The theme given called for a chair designed for a waiting point, a communication space, or an office reception room. This chair, although exceptionally suitable for an office space, is equally adaptable for other uses including restaurants. We also designed the exposition booth where the chair is on display.