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Osaka Municipal Residence Museum

The museum was planed to build inside of the Osaka residence information center to introduce a history of residence of Osaka and a fascination to live in the city to customers. In the 9th floor, the titled of Osaka in modern times, the prosperous downtown in Osaka known for ‘ kitchen for whole country’ during Tempo times is skillfully restored with traditional construction technique. It reproduces the lively downtown in those days by several techniques, such as the aging technique to realize erosion by wind and scratches from daily life, arranging life supplies that seems as if people in that period actually used, and expressing a performance of a whole day with the use of a sound and a monitor. The theme of the 8th floor is Osaka in recent times. It exhibits the residence and life in Osaka during Meiji, Taisho, and Showa era. The panorama map of Osaka in Taisho 13 years is arranged at the central light floor. ‘The theater of the residence’ is performed with the use of characteristic model of the row of towns in each time. The purpose of the plan is to convey the changes in Osaka to customers simply.