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Nagoya Tokyu Hotel Restaurant [LOIRE]・Front・Business Salon・Celebruty Bride'S Room [St.Lis]・Guest Room

French restaurant of main dining and front area were renovated.Teppan-yaki was added in the French restaurant.Lounge as a business salon for executive guests was produced at front side and provided higher hospitality.
As part of the bridal image campaign in the Nagoya Tokyu Hotel, a small banquet room was transformed into a bridal and dining room. We gave it an elegant modern interior by effectively making use of the pre-existing chandeliers and air-conditioning system.
We renovated the executive suites on the 14th to16th floors; the superior rooms on the 11th to13th floors; and the corridors in the corner executive suit. A washroom was separated from a pre-existing all-inone bathroom that originally housed a toilet, bathtub, and washstand. It was expanded to create an ample bathroom. Now more comfortable and spacious grooming rooms can be offered to guests.