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The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd.

The Bank of Yokohama, Tokyo Branch and Tokyo Headquarters The Tokyo Branch has been relocated to the first to third floors of the Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Nihonbashi Tower) office building, which has been newly constructed under the Nihonbashi redevelopment plan, and includes an executive area on the 34th floor of the building for the Tokyo Headquarters. The concept of this project was “Born in Yokohama, raised in Nihonbashi…” The invigorating atmosphere of the port town felt in the Yokohama Minato Mirai area is combined with the delicate Japanese texture cultivated in Nihonbashi. The most noticeable feature of this branch is the single curved line drawn on the winding white wall. The branch is supplied with the necessary and appropriate spaces for ATMs and waiting rooms. The curved wall like a large wave, naturally leads visitors deeper into the building in typical Yokohama port town style.