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Equinix OS1 IBX Data Center

Equinix has been deploying data center businesses in 32 cities in 15 countries around the world. OS1 is Equinix’s fifth IBX data center in Japan and the first IBX data center in the Kansai area. This IBX data center has been designed to provide the visualization of Japanese business place in Kansai that can attract a variety of customers from all over the world, while creating a space that expresses OS1’s uniqueness and global business development. The aspects of this business development combine the accumulation of a variety of data items through Equinix’s platform with business expansion that connects with data items, providing the imagery of spinning yarns from thin fibers that result in a large woven fabric. This image of spinning is expressed in the motif of traditional latticework often seen in the Kansai area. The place is configured with three types of lattices surrounding the space, thus clearly expressing the image of spinning yarns.