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Patissrie Queen Alice / Cherry Blossoms by Alice in Hashimoto

Two shops are newly opened by chef ISHINABE, who is well known in the professional cooking battle TV program “RYORI NO TETSUJIN”, at “MEWE Hashimoto” which is a part of redevelopment project of Hashimoto station located in suburbs of Tokyo.Patisserie Queen ALICE is a casual cake shop at the B1 food department floor in “MEWE”. Pink color, translucent curtains and simple glass display case are used to make an effort to promote the brand image of QUEEN ALICE.SAKURA by ALICE in Hashimoto is a restaurant in the same building.For stylish design, the interior is mainly created by using glass and monotone color except the pink art cherry blossoms in order to create a unique and characteristic space in between east and west style.