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The Roppongi Tokyo

The Roppongi Tokyo Club Residence is a luxury apartment building of 611 units for sale or rent, located at Roppongi Sanchome. This building was designed around enjoyment of the juxtaposition of the rollicking, urbane atmosphere of Roppongi and the soothing comfort that is lacking there. The shining black entrance lobby and the soothing, soft white entrance lounge effect a dramatic change of scene that unfolds as you open the black stainless-steel door after coming through an approach lush with greenery. The highly private “for sale” area features the theme of water, with a cascade and pool and crystal-patterned lamps that guide residents to their homes. The “for rent” area, the theme of which is fire, has a fireplace; the red accents in white space visible from a distance give it impact.