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Mitsui Fudosan Resort Co., Ltd. Haimurubushi Renewal Project

This project consisted of a partial reconstruction of the vast resort hotel located on Kohama Island, a part of Okinawa prefecture. The concept of this ultimate resort is to forget time and “actively do nothing.” The project team redesigned 20 guest rooms, the portico, the lobby of the center building, the open-air restaurant, as well as the poolside patio. The aim was to create a design that spoke of “Yaeyama-ness” deeply rooted in the locale. The traditional craft of Yaeyama fine linen is used as a design motive. As well, items such as traditional Yaeyama woven crafts, vases, Ryukyu limestone and seashells are carefully placed as objets d’art to create a one-of-a-kind space with refined elegance particular to Yaeyama, standing apart from other Asian and Okinawa resorts.