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Salone de IPEC 2011 『KACOON』 Exhibit Design

Salone de IPEC 2011 was a traveling exhibition of works including past award-winning works of the Japan Federation of Interior Planners Association annual exhibition, IPEC. Among the works on display was Nikken Space Design’s innovatively shaped mosquito net, which was awarded the 2004 Designer’s Showcase Prize for Excellence. In refurbishing the display design for the exhibition, we took advantage of the exhibition as a means of publicizing the company’s activities by creating cones echoing the shape of the KACOON and printed with photographs of the company’s projects, which were hoisted on wires so that they float around the KACOON like clouds. The display was thus designed not only to create a fantastic image but also illustrate by way of the cone-shaped clouds the distinctive realm of the KACOON.