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IPEC21-2005 KAZA・RU and The ISU

Ipec21 (exhibition for interior professional) is 5th open in 2005. Nikken space design showed a screen and a chair for tatami-mat as a title of “HOSETSUKO”and IYOBE booth.
“HOSETSUKO” was gotten a grand prize.
“HOSETSUKO” was also exhibited in Salon du Meuble de Paris in January 2006 and it’s well received. Using special style at the part of hinge for the screen “KAZA RU” is not simple screen but cubic furniture through light and wind. The chair for Tatami-mat “ THE ISU” is provided the new suggestion for style of sitting.

IYOBE Furniture design & Booth design
Design: Takayuki Nago
Furniture design: Ken Katayama,Takayuki Nago
Prize: Encouragement prize