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Shoyo IZU

After graduating from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music, Izu worked as an interior designer in the design division of a major construction company. With that experience he joined NIKKEN SEKKEI in 1990, and became a founding member of Nikken Space Design in 1994. He has been engaged in a number of major interior design projects as a chief designer for Nikken Space Design. He deals with all sorts of projects such as offices, hotels, commercial facilities, etc. regardless of type. He is also conversant with art planning, which is essential for interior design, and always thinks about how to enhance interior space. Understanding architecture, he values collaboration with architects, and makes projects at higher standards by bringing out the best in both interior designers and architects. He believes that his duty is to create practical, user-friendly and beautiful things.



2008-SDA- Awards/ Best 100 design/ Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers
1997-JCD Design Awards/ Best 100 design/ Kobunsha Headquarters