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After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts with a master's degree in Design, Misawa gained experience as an interior designer in a major architectural design office, and joined Nikken Space Design in 1996. Up until now, she has been engaged in numerous projects both in Japan and overseas. She has worked on various projects from shops, hotels and offices to hospitals. She always makes creative proposals in a cross-sectoral manner.



2018-The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan Awards/Tokyo Kaikan
2018-International Design Awards (USA) Honorable Mention/Bank of Qingdao Headquarters
2018‐Interior Planning Award / Shinjuku TOYU Building
2017-SDA Awards, SDA Tohoku Regional Award/ Medical Center for Fukushima“Life & Future”
2017‐International Design Awards(USA) Honorable Mention / RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL KYOTO "All Day Dining KAZA"
2017-Kyoto Design Award / RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL KYOTO "All Day Dining KAZA"
2017-DSA Design Award / Medical Center for Fukushima“Life & Future”
2017-JCD Design Awards(Best 100 design) / RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL KYOTO "All Day Dining KAZA"
2016-12th Hospitality Design Awards Finalist / Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa
2015-International Design Awards (USA)Bronze Award / Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa
2015-SDA Award / Aiiku Hospital
2013-Asia Pacific Interior Design Award 2015 BEST10 / Hilton Odawara Resort & Spa
2015-Kids Design Awards / Odenma Fureai Nursery school
2013-Kids Design Award / Fuji Heavy Industries Health Insurance Society- OTA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL
2011-SDA Award / World Tread Center Exterior Signs
2010-The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan Awards / Excellent lighting installation prize / World Tread Center B1F
2007-Sapporo Urban Design Awards / Hotel ELM Sapporo
2013 Kyoto Hotel Okura | Guestroom, Royal Suite
2012 St. Luke's International Hospital St. Luke's Medilocus
2012 Ota Memorial Hospital
2011 China Everbright Bank Headquarters
2011 Tokyo Kaikan | Sweet Plaza,Bridal Salon (Cocktail Lounge) | Refurbishment
2011 Taiheiyo Ferry "ISHIKARI" New Ship 
2009 World Trade Center Building | 40F Observation deck refurbishment
2007 Tobu Hotel Ginza | Refurbishment
2007 Daiwa Securities Co.Ltd. Headquarters
2006 Tokyo Women’s Medical University Yachiyo Medical Center
2005 Royal Crystal Ginza Salon | Owner’s room | Business room
2004 Hotel ELM Sapporo | Refurbishment
2003 Bank of America Merrill Lynch Tokyo Headquarters
2003 Fukuoka Medical Center
2001 Hotel Okura Chiba