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After graduating from Shibaura Institute of Technology and from the graduate school of the same institute, he joined Nikken Space Design Ltd. in 2011. He has been engaged in various projects such as for hotels, offices, medical facilities and sports clubs. He specializes in concept-making projects with a story line and works by his motto of making a design to enrich users’ activities.



2017-SDA Awards, SDA Tohoku Regional Award/ Medical Center for Fukushima“Life & Future”
2017-DSA Design Award / Medical Center for Fukushima“Life & Future”
2015-DSA Design Award / 20th Anniversary Exhibition “Turning Concepts into Creations”
2013-International Design Awards(USA)Silver Winner/Polaris Capital Group Co., Ltd.
2013-Kids Design Award/ Fuji Heavy Industries Health Insurance Society- OTA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL