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Yoshihiro YAMAMOTO

A master degree graduate of Kyushu University, he has worked at Nikken space design since 2004. He has designed countless hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals and retail locations locally and internationally. He directs interior design as well as product design, also manages projects smoothly and achieve the clients expectations. He takes an essence of a design scheme and presents unique design ideas to clients.



2018-LiCC(London International Creative Competition)shortlist /Keio Prelia Hotel
2018-The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan Awards/Tokyo Kaikan
2018-International Design Awards (USA) Honorable Mention/Bank of Qingdao Headquarters
2018-International Design Awards (USA) Silver/ IBM OSAKA OFFICE
2018-ABB LEAF Awards Interior Design Shortlist / IBM OSAKA OFFICE
2018-The Best of New Offices Awards Promotion prize, Kinki New Office promotion prize / IBM OSAKA OFFICE
2018-JCD Design Awards (BEST100)/ The Celestine Tokyo Shiba
2018-JCD Design Awards (BEST100)/ IBM OSAKA OFFICE
2017‐International Design Awards(USA) Honorable Mention / RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL KYOTO "All Day Dining KAZA"
2017-Kyoto Design Award 2017 / RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL KYOTO "All Day Dining KAZA"
2017-JCD Design Awards(Best 100 design) / RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL KYOTO "ALL DAY DINING KAZA"
2014-DSA Design Award / 「80 designers and the companies」 - Memory of the 20th anniversary of the foundation
2014-JCD Design Awards / COURTYARD Marriott / Café Restaurant FIORE
2013-LiCC(London International Creative Competition)shortlist / COURTYARD Marriott / Café Restaurant FIORE
2010-INTERIOR PLANNING AWARD/ Nikken Space Design Tokyo Office
2006-JCD Design Awards/ Nikken Space Design Tokyo office
2004-IPEC-2004/ Designer’s showcase/ Award for excellence/ KACOON
2013 COURTYARD Marriott / Café Restaurant FIORE
2012 New Source International Holdings Ltd.  | Shanghai Office planning
2012 Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank | Relocation plan for the head office, executive floor
2011 Li Jia Holdings Ltd. | (Zuohai, Fuzhou, Fujian, China)
2011 China Everbright Bank
2010 CITIC Securities Co., Ltd. Beijing Office
2009 NSD Tokyo Office
2008 Tokyo Kaikan Union Club
2008 Tobu Hotel Ginza | Japanese restaurant “Ginza Muraki” | Refurbishment
2007 Daiwa Securities Co.Ltd. Headquarters
2007 World Trade Center | 39F Restaurant “Rainbow” refurbishment
2007 Tobu Hotel Ginza | Term 1 refurbishment
2007 Tokyo Midtown | Basement corridor
2007 QVC Distribution Center | Office area
2006 World Trade Center | 39F Orion room refurbishment
2006 Figla Akasaka Japan Techno Club
2005 Royal Crystal Ginza | Salon & Owner’s Office
2004 IPEC21 | Nikken Space Design Exhibition Booth