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Kyoto Design Award 2017/RIHGA ROYAL HOTEL KYOTO All Day Dining KAZA

(Desinger:Risa MISAWAYoshihiro YAMAMOTOSatoshi OHASHI )
Organizer:Kyoto Design Association, Public Interest Society

■ Award Outline

In Kyoto, many attractive designs have been developed over its 1200 year history. These designs are still referred today, and are connected to new works and product development. The Kyoto Design Award is given to works aimed at creating a new architectural image of Kyoto using new design methods while retaining the tradition and culture of Kyoto.

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Good Design Award 2017 BEST100 West Japan Railway Company TWILIGHT EXPRESS MIZUKAZE

Design supervision: Kazuya Ura Design Laboratory
Interior design: Kazuya Ura Design Laboratory, NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN: Kenichiro TOI, Koichi TANIGAKI, Mitsuhiko IMAI
Exterior design : A&F
Sign design : KATO Design
Organizer:Japan Institute of Design Promotion

■ Award overview
The Good Design Award is a program administered by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion to recognize and encourage “good design” within a broad range of fields. Entries are selected through first and second screenings carried out by a specially formed judging committee.
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ABB LEAF AWARDS 2017- Interior Design Award-completed

XIV Toba Bettei
Designers:Takeshi NAKANONobuo SUZUKIMasami SAWAMURA
Organizer:Arena International Events Group

■ LEAF Awards The Emirates Glass LEAF Awards is an annual international architectural prize. It recognises innovative architectural design that sets the benchmark for the international architectural community of the next generation. The LEAF Awards program is operated by the Leading European Architects Forum (LEAF), founded in 2001. LEAF brings together leading international architects and designers operating in Europe and beyond to share knowledge, to network and to develop new partnerships. Entry is open to all architects worldwide and buildings located anywhere in the world.The LEAF Award ceremony 2017 was held in London.

LEAF Awards official HP


SDA Awards 2017, SDA Tohoku Regional Award / Medical Center for Fukushima “Life & Future”

Medical Center for Fukushima “Life & Future”
Interior Design:Risa MISAWAYuko TSUKUMOKengo KOBAYASHI
Sign Design:NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN, Kenichi HADA [Hada Studio], 
Art:Hitoshi HASEGAWA [Plus One]  
Organizer: SDA (Japan Sign Design Association)

■SDA Award The SDA Award is intended to promote and encourage sign design by presenting outstanding sign designs to the public. Established in 1966, it is the only award system in Japan to honor sign designs. Sign designs are the interface that connects regional or corporate activities with people and provides indispensable information for the revitalization of the environment and smooth communications. SDA Awards aim to widely communicate this concept along with various new sign production methods. The awards are given once a year to the outstanding sign designs selected from high-quality entries.

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2017-The Best of New Offices Awards Promotion prize, Chubu New Office promotion prize /Chukyo TV Broadcasting Co. Ltd, Headquarters

Chukyo TV Broadcasting Co. Ltd, Headquarters
Organizer: New Office Promotion Association  

■ New Office Promotion Award 

Nikkei Inc. and the New Office Promotion Association (NOPA) together established the New Office Promotion Award, which seeks to recognize, encourage and promote "new offices" as “spatial and rich workspaces” or, more abstractly, as a means to “improve intellectual productivity and revitalize knowledge creation.” Award criteria include the office concept itself, measures taken to manifest that concept, and the results thus obtained.

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